Fertilizer DAP,NPK.

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13.4.12. PK ST,Tenkasi.627856,Tamilnadu,India.
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Kalash Agritint. Kalash prom. Benefits.
  • Provide ample amount of phasphorus
  • Act of alternative to DAP and enhancing the soil
  • Improve the structure and binding of the soil particles with unique porosity
  • Reduce the leach
  • Prom effectively fertilizer even in saline soil
  • Reduce the? use of fertilizer, pesticides
  • Low cost of production, highly qualified yield.
  • Chemical free
  • It's have the organic matter, so boos the micro organism.
  • Improve the flora,pH,Ec, nurient status of soil.
  • Soil become more fertile
  • Slow release the p205,it's fixed in soil
  • Fe,si,ca also have.

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